The Silver Lining

August 3, 2010 at 1:14 pm (Uncategorized)

Hey there mom…

The days get harder then they get easier, then wham, Im robbed and my laptop stolen. The one that had my pictures of you. The pictures of when we went to “Heaven on a Hill” as Emma calls it and spread your ashes with Granny and Grandad. They are gone. I feel as if you were taken away from me again, except this time it wasn’t your fault.

Dad just came to visit. It was weird hearing him say “no Im a widower” when asked if he was married. Technically he is a widower but hell, you haven’t been “married” for 17 years. Just weird.

I went to see Steve Miller Band/Peter Frampton on Friday night. Normally I would have asked you and Rudy to go, especially because it was his birthday. But..not only are you gone, I haven’t talked to him much since he moved. Yup, he left me too.

Took Dad to the train station and it was the hardest yet. I didn’t want him to go. But I am glad he saw what I went through, what I go through. I miss him though. Plus the kids and I aren’t sleeping well…me more then them (not sleeping) since he has been gone. I sleep with a bat. That’s crazy.

Anyway, just wanted to check in. I miss you and actually picked up the phone yesterday to call you to tell you I got a raise, finally. But, you aren’t around.

I love you.


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